Friday, November 26, 2004

Turkey Trot in Louisville

I got up around 330am yesterday morning in anticipation of the rush to Louisville. Actually I misread my clock (old over the hill eyeballs) and it was not until I noticed the clock on the computer read 401 am I realized my error.

I was up, I had a pot of coffee in me, Zorro arrived home and off we went. It was chilly so I had four layers on top, two on the bottom. I had my trusty small point and shoot digital that fits snugly in my pocket, hence the great picture of me, Zorro and my brother Ned. My sis Kit took the picture and is in another. The run was uneventful, meaning I was at the back of the pack...Curses all you runners who practice before a 10K...WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM! It was okay, a few snow flakes. I stripped my upper tow layers pretty quickly. Zorro ran with me the entire way, even though I was slow and at times my walking was definitely faster than my laborious running, we finished in about 1hr 10 minutes.

This will become our Thanksgiving Day Tradition. It was great to run, if not literally, with my siblings. Zorro and I came home, laid around the living room watching American Choppers (love those nutty men) and Dinner for Five all afternoon.

Hot Brown for dinner and by the time Survivor rolled around, I could not keep my eyes open!

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