Sunday, November 07, 2004

JULY 1974

I have to get my chops going, my juices flowing. I think I will start this jaunt back in time with the summer of love. I moved into my first apartment with a girl from Detroit, transplanted into Murray, married and divorced, all in three years! Her mother had a house on 4th street that was divided into two apartments. Toni and I shared the right side. I was in love with J.V. who was ten years older than me, an alcoholic, divorced and facing time in the local jail for transporting some type of drugs. It escapes me, but I believe it was speed or it could have been mescaline! Whatever it was, he was convicted and was in the county jail doing his time and I was sharing an apartment with Toni having the time of my life.

This picture is the gang of us in Memphis at an Eric Clapton concert. I have some memory of it...hahahahah. It was the day of, the day before, perhaps the day after Nixon left the White house.

We were young and had more important things to think about, like don't Bogart that joint my friend.

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