Monday, November 22, 2004


How I wish they gave away money for the pick three of last finishers. That way, Zorro and I would have walked out of Churchill Downs with some money in our pockers, rather than leaving it. Did not bet much, only $2 per race. And so asinine as $2 show bets. Yet, it was fun. Churchill is like the working mans horse track compared to Keeneland which is upper crust, the hoity toity, the grand of the grand. Churchill is for the unwashed. The paddock is pitiful compared to Keeneland.

We went to Shenanigans to eat. So I blew my diet. We visited Bridget and Scott. My heart breaks for those two. Now the car has broken down! I will travel back up there tonight and trade two bikes and a guitar and come home with the new Dr. Pepper bike. Zorro wants it...Bridget is beginning to see the error of her offer to trade us! Laugh out loud! Zorro tells me to be strong....

On the way to Louisville Bailey began playing a game with Zorro identifying letters of the alphabet. For some inexplicable reason, she say "Alphawoman, I don't know where I heard that before". I gripped the steering wheel and kept my mouth shut. I wonder....I just wonder if Danielle is reading my journal! I knew to keep it under wraps there.

Never can be too careful about these things in cyberspace.

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