Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Back in the Saddle

All good things must end? This is the beginning of the third week of non-work. I can admit wholeheartedly that I have loved every minute of it. I did stress a little about the money, because I had no idea I was going to do it when I did..resign. So I was ill prepared with the funds. Yet, if I was going to wait until I was financially ready to do it, it never would have happened.

So now I am beginning the process of finding another job. I had my first interview yesterday with an insurance company. I was so at ease I could not believe this was me. At ease and unprepared! He asked me what I wanted to do, after I admitted to him I was clueless about the job description for which I had applied. "Sales Manager". Okay, that's cool. "Have you ever managed anyone before?"

I should have been prepared for this question. I said "no" when in actualilty, I have! At the ZZZ in Houston, I was the AM front desk manager! I had a whole staff that I got to boss around. At XYZ, I had Elaine who was my assistant. I got to boss her around to, thought I loved her dearly and she was my good friend. While working for ABC, I actually managed all the branch offices across central Ky and So. Ohio. I trained them and was responsible for their performance. What was I thinking when I said, "No."

He asked me what I was looking for. continue with a sales job. Because I love the competition, the feeling of closing the deal, and I just like people and the freedom that comes with sales.

What I would like is to find a sales position that pays extremely well, and has structure to it. I told him, when he asked about CCE not finding a place for me (a valuable employee) after seven years. I told him that I was strongly encouraged to apply for a position in Ft. Wayne (sometimes it is very difficult to explain XXX to outsiders. And sometimes I just take for granted outsiders understand the structure of XXX)but that I felt I could do better than a X0,000 a yr, a car and a X0,000 bonus.

And as I said it, I realized I believed it!

Today I go to Indianapolis for a meeting tomorrow with a Food distributor.

I think that I am in a position for the first time in my life that I will not have to take a job out of desperation. I will be able to find the one with the best fit.

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