Saturday, August 20, 2005

Where have all the peaches gone?

I am headed home to Kentucky in a few minutes because I can not find an operating orchard in this neck of the woods!!!! I got online and found that the closest peach orchard is in Southern Indiana or in Michigan. If I'm going to have to travel.....

The Woodland Art Fair is this week end in Lexington! I think I missed it last year for some reason. Good, I can go spend some money I am not earning any more! I just love collecting photographs. Really good artistic photographs!

Since I have two interviews this coming week I need to purchase a nice summer professional outfit to wow them over with. I spruced up my wardrobe in Old Navy for my last job, which consisted of me doing lots of labor intensive things. Hurray for Womens Lib!! And thank God for Old Navy. But I am seriously lacking in business clothes at the moment. Any excuse to shop. And I can't shop here yet! I need a very expensive outfit (hahahahah) and I have this terrific consignment shop in Lexington that never disappoints.

And, if I am lucky, tonight may be the Mid Summer Nights Run! Not that I can run, but today, as if a miracle occurred last night while I knee feels healed this morning! I'll walk it if it is on.

And last but not least is the main reason for going...PEACHES! I love juicy ripe organic style peaches one gets at Reeds Orchard in Cynthiana. They also have a special recipe Red Pepper Jelly to die for. I have been thinking about that jelly since I finished off my last jar in December 2004.

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