Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Why am I here?

Have nothing of any interest to say. Other than, I have applied for an Advertising Account position at a publishing outfit called Our Sunday Visitor, which is all about selling advertising, holy cards, etc. to the millions and millions of Catholic Church's out there.

I think I would love it. Advertising has been rolling around in my brain ever since I interviewed with that the radio station on May 13....my anniversary, and the closing on the house. I thought I had a good interview, until I could not remember my telephone number. I was very disappointed she did not call me. I really thought I nailed that interview.

No one from CCE has returned my calls regarding my problem with applying to the open CDAM position in Ft. Payne. Maybe it is a sign.

I went to the Catholic church in New Haven and prayed this morning. I think that God knows I turn to him and ask for help in my times of crisis. He always helps me out. I prayed for all the people I know too. So much going on in J-land, death and sickness. I almost feel like I really know these people, even though I have never met them. They have been more supportive to me with this move and the problems I have been having than my real life warm blooded pals in Lex. I have not heard from any of them, with the exception of Mike. Sad but true.

I went walking again this morning. I feel that I need to give my knee a break and not run for awhile. It makes me very sad to think that I may never be able to run again because I allowed myself to become so fat that I hurt myself! Rats. I did take my camera and headed in the golf course direction because people were walking dogs in the opposite direction. The opposite direction is the better direction. I took some very crummy shots of flowers and weeds. I need to read the manual for my Minolta.

Today I really shall plant the flowers and paint the front porch...finish it up. I want to find a pawn shop and see it I can find a Nikon-F.

I would love that.

Its 9am...day is awasting.

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