Sunday, August 21, 2005

One Perfect Day.

August 20, 2005. I awoke and found my decrepit knee was no longer hurting! Well, just a little, but it was amazing. Nothing short of a miracle. That was the beginning of the most perfect day I have had in a long long time. In fact, I can not remember ever having a day like this one ever before.

I decided I needed to go in search of the Perfect Peach. Much to my dismay and disappointment, there are no Peach Orchards in this neck of the woods. I had been rolling around in my mind the thought that I should go visit my Mom and Dad. No better time than now, considering the Peach deprivation.

I headed South early Saturday morning clueless that this was going to be one of the best days of my life!

It was like a child's game, the one that has little holes under a plastic dome and the objective is get all these little metal balls into the holes all at the same time. Life is never life that. So rarely is everything all in place at one time. When it occurs, it is magic. I think the trick may be to realize it is happening when it happens.

I was in search of the perfect peach! I was headed to the only orchard in Kentucky where I knew the perfect peach would exist, if it could. My knee felt great, I had my new favorite CD's blaring, the sun was shining.

While cruising to Ashley MacIsaac I decide to bite the bullet. I call the automatic teller at my bank to check on funds. Much to my astonishment, I was paid for the entire month! (hard to believe, but my ex-company pays the salaried employees once a month, on or about the 20th).

Maybe its a mistake! I don't care. I'm going to spent that money (and move it as fast as I can in case they realize their mistake). Or maybe after seven and one half years they thought, just maybe, I deserved it.

What a great day and it is only 8am!!!

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