Monday, August 15, 2005

I guess I will be spending more time in this blog than Alpha. It is safer to write about my immerging self. The immerging fear of being without a job and the delightful knowledge that I do not have to get up and trudge off to a job.

Today, so far, I have tied up the tomato plants. They have needed it for quite a long time. About two weeks ago I did a slip-shod job of it and the plants are heavy with fruit. I planted them very late in the season, about six weeks after I normally put them into the ground. The tomatoes are just beginning to redden...and yellow, as I have four bushes of those small pear shaped no-acid tomatoes I love to mix up with pasta and olive oil.

I have also signed up for a photography class. Black and White and color! Meaning we do pastel shades to the completed prints. I finally get to have some dark room experience! It begins Sept. 1st.

At the beginning of the summer I wrote to Superstar about my goals and dreams for the summer. Taking a photo class was one of them, so I guess it is now happening! One of the others was planning a trip to Italy. Guess with the lack of my income, that will be on hold for the time being.

I am getting ready to go the Walkway outside of New Haven and try to run/walk. I have been out there several times since resigning last Wednesday. Last night I woke up in the middle of the night with my knee hurting. I guess my running may be a thing of the past. Going to the Doctor may be on the agenda in the next several days.

I finished The Mermaid Chair. Did not enjoy it as much as I did The Secret Lives of Bees, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I plan to go to the library after walking and checking out the Time Travelers wife.

All this, before eight o'clock.

Well, not the walking, but the rest.

Maybe being unemployed agrees with me. I need the time to decompress and regain my confidence. There is an opening in Ft. Wayne for a CDAM. I will apply later this morning, after my walk, after my checking out a book, after I plant my mums, after I finish to paint the porch......

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