Monday, August 22, 2005


Reed Valley Orchard

Mentally I made a list of all the things I wanted to cram into beautiful Saturday. First on the list, was a trip to Reed Valley Orchard because it is north of Lexington and easily navigated from the highway.

I decided to take a detour of sorts and exited onto Pike 36 and made the 25 mile trek through the hills and fields of central bluegrass. This is what my heart misses. The twisty roads that take you up to a crest where a breathtaking panoramic view of foothills, forests, fenced in fields, and the ripened golden yellow tobacco bases are laid out below you.

Where every field is fenced and the trees grace the side of the road, their heavy heads leaning towards each other crating a canopy of soft green dancing light as you travel under. The wildflowers are in full bloom despite the extremely dry and hot summer. I see the purple iron weed, the white Queen Anne lace, and my favorite, the blue chicory, which is everywhere. I am home.

Reeds Orchard was packed on a late Saturday morning. I went around the store in search of the absolute best Hot Red pepper jelly in the world! And suddenly, there it was, hidden on a shelf, pushed to the back. (I realize it does not sound appetizing, but on a cracker with cream cheese.....heaven.) When I finally made it to the counter I asked the clerk if she had anymore than the two jars on the shelf. I bought every jar she had in the back. And two pecks of peaches, please.

They only had the half-pecks out. So she asked me to be patient, she would get my peaches from the back.

Then a huge crowd hit! I wandered outside and enjoyed the hot 96 degree tempetures and the expansive apple tree orchard. People kept coming and coming. Buying ice cream, picking their own peaches, buying half-pecks.

I stand to the back and wait....and wait...and wait...and wait. She is very apologetic and finally gets the owner to bring out the full pecks for me. Everyone tells me how sorry they are.

Big Deal. I have my peaches. I have my Hot Red Pepper Jelly.

"I gave you a discount", she whispered to me. A pretty hefty discount! She knocked off ten bucks!!!

Patience is a virtue......and will get you a discount!

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