Monday, August 22, 2005

Woodland Art Fair


I could not have picked a more perfect weekend to visit home! I had realized earlier in the day that the annual Woodland Arts Fair was taking place in Lexington. I could not wait to go. In other words, there was some money burying a hole in my pocket!

Woodland is named in the top 50 Art Fairs in the country! And with good reason. Every booth in the Park is first class. Not one single trash and trinket vendor is allowed. They are banished to the streets and front yards surrounding the Park. This also means, some very high end and expensive treasures.

I'm like a kid in a candy shop. I have to wander around and look at everything first. I am mainly interested in photographs. I spend a lot of time in James Archambeault's "gallery". He is a famous and respected photographer specializing in landscapes. In particular, Kentucky landscapes. I am taken with the Thoroughbred photographs, in particular a magnificant Secretariat prancing in the waning light! I decided to continue to look around before making any purchases.

Then I stumbled on Wiwat. Scientist and Artist. I had first discovered him at an Art Fair in Louisville, the Cherokee Triangle Art Fair. At that time, he had the most delicate earrings he designed with tiny polished pastel colored beads. Exquisite. At that time I had purchased a pair and went home and unfortunately left them in the small brown paper bag, wrapped in white tissue paper. Joe tossed them away! I was stricken and remembered his card was in my purse and emailed him. He was gracious enough to help me replace the discarded pair with not one......but 10 pairs of his beautiful creations.

"Are you the Scientist from Oak Ridge?" I asked him. He nodded yes. "Well, I am Mary! I met you at the Cherokee Triangle in Louisville, I emailed you after my husband tossed away the bag!" He remembered, how could he not!

I purchased five sets this time. His creations have developed into more intricate designs with different mediums. Still gorgeous stuff.

And, I got the "best customer in Kentucky' discount!

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