Sunday, August 28, 2005

Vodka on a Sunday Afternoon

It is Sunday, isn't it? One of the wonderful things about not having to work is that you do not have to keep track of the days.

I do my best thinking (daydreaming) while driving a car. I have not been doing that much lately, so while I was sitting in the sun, reading a novel and sipping on some Apple Vodka and mixer I realized something. I use to do my best thinking while smoking the illegal drug...which I have not done for a long, long time vodak seems to have stepped in and taken charge.

I have been smitten with the illusions of making some good money. If I take that job I will not be happy. I will not like it. I would like the money, for sure. But I would not like the job. I could do it, but I would feel like I was taking advantage of people because I know how to sell.

Selling is an art. I know that it is said good sales people are born...wrong. It is a science. All you need is confidance and a good product. Added to that, you need to be prepared and anticipate the "objections" or questions. It is a formula that goes like this "What I hear you saying is if I can do this, you will do that" It requires good listening skill and a good questioning techique. (open ended questions).

I should have called this Sales 101.

I am aided with vodka and a realization. I better get that last entry out of herebefore I get TOS'ed.

Tomorrow if I am offered the job....I hope I have my wits about me to turn it down and stop the dance of BIG MONEY in my head. I would hate it. Though, I would love it if they offer it to me. I am very competitive and hope I win out over those other applicants. But please, not enough to blurt out "yes" like I did the last time. I knew I did not want that job. I placed a of land mines to ensure I would not be offered that job. But no, they were stupid (did I say that out loud) and offerred it to me. And I was stupid ( capital S.) and took it.

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